Transform your curriculum planning and implementation process with products and services from CESA 7.

CESA 7 provides school districts, state educational agencies and educational service agencies with a full suite of products and services that meet their needs.

StandardsInsight: StandardsInsight is a web-based application that “unpacks” the Common Core State Standards and allows districts to efficiently study and fully understand the standards.


Eclipse: Eclipse Curriculum Manager is a flexible, easy-to-use program for efficiently organizing, mapping & improving a school district’s curriculum.


CCSS Investigations: CCSS Investigation Kits are designed to be used by teacher teams to begin study of the Common Core State Standards.


CCSS Deeper Study: CCSS Deeper Study Modules were designed to provide teachers with a guided process to study the Common Core State Standards at an in-depth level.


CCSS Curriculum Companion: CCSS Curriculum Companion is an e-tool that breaks down the standards into teaching units and allows teachers to create lesson plans off of the curriculum.


CCSS Data Retreat®: CCSS Data Retreat is for districts beginning to teach to the CCSS.