CCSS Investigations

Investigations Materials were developed by CESA 7 content experts and are used throughout Wisconsin. The materials are available by grade level, K-12 and content area and are designed to be used by teacher teams to begin study of the Common Core State Standards. Developed using Power Point and Microsoft word, presentation slides are designed to be used in conjunction with team “worksheets” where teachers can document their investigation. The materials may be used in structured workshops or by teams in local districts. The materials are available in printed booklet form or by purchasing source files for local customization.

CESA 7 Investigation Sessions:
The Focus of these one-day sessions will be investigating and understanding the standards by grade level using a modeled process that can be duplicated at the local level with teacher teams. Grade level segments of both ELA and Math standards will be investigated during each session. Attendance at all nine sessions throughout the school year will provide comprehensive coverage from kindergarten through high school. During each session’s investigation, participants will explore …
  1. Underpinnings, connections and context
  2. Organizational aspects
  3. Specifics in the standards
  4. Vertical connections
  5. Action steps for local roll-out
Investigation sessions are provided by grade band, but teachers will be able to investigate specific standards for their grade level. Please go to to register for English Language Arts, Mathematics and Science Investigation sessions. If you have questions, please contact Nancy Schlies at