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Confused by Common Core State Standards? StandardsInsight makes implementation easy!

StandardsInsight is a web-based application that “unpacks” the Common Core State Standards, allowing districts to quickly and easily align curricula with them. The web-based system provides a robust database, explaining:

  • Evidence of student attainment
  • Key vocabulary for teachers
  • Knowledge expected within the standard
  • Skills expected within the standard
  • Conceptual understanding expected within the standard
StandardsInsight fully integrates with the Eclipse Curriculum Manger, a flexible, easy-to-use program for efficiently organizing, mapping and improving a school district’s curriculum.

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“Standards Insight has saved Howard-Suamico many hours and resources in the process of “unpacking” the Common Core State Standards. We’ve been able to get right into discussing the questions that are specific to our district such as, ‘What does this mean for our professional development plan?’ and ‘Do we have the materials and resources we need to meet these new learning targets?’
I’m also reassured that the team who created the product is so outstanding, and that this offers us more potential to be consistent between school districts as we proceed with our CCSS roll-out.”

Andrea Thiry-Wenz
Director of Teaching & Learning-Secondary Education
Howard-Suamico School District